The Sweet Smell of Blogger Victory


In case there were any lingering doubts, Team Blogger has now cemented its place as the Tom Brady of national quiz programming. We threw a mighty smack down upon our competitors, sweeping the competition with wins as best team, highest individual score, and highest scoring celebrity captain.

Interesting lessons of the night:

  1. Bloggers don’t need the mask of anonymity to be snarky. We bring the sarcasm anywhere, anytime.
  2. Related to #1: Bloggers are rowdy. Surprisingly rowdy, really. And beset by constant irony anxiety. How loud should we cheer? If we start chanting “we will blog you”, are we now uncool? Were we ever cool? And such and such.
  3. People are just as interested in being photographed with fake celebrities as they are with real ones. Maybe even more so.
  4. At least 80 per cent of blogger stereotypes are accurate. When the Flight Crew team pulled out a Battlestar Galactica action figure of Tricia Helfer, at least three people sitting around me replied with, “What, you took it out of the original packaging?”

And speaking of Tricia Helfer, she looked incredible. I have never seen legs like that in person. But the number one crushworthy celeb of the night had to be the incomparable Samantha Bee. She was funny and charming, of course, but also genuinely sweet and friendly. It’s not easy to deal with the awkward adulation of 36 bloggers, but somehow she managed.

Shout-outs for the night go to Rannie Turingan for taking all our photos, and Adam Schwabe and Ryan Couldrey for rocking the blogTO coverage. Also to David Topping, Karen Whaley, Frank Yang, Mark McIntyre, and Ryan Porter (check out Ryan’s account of the night) for the conversation and laughs. Of course, props to Rick Spence for pulling down the highest score of the night. And much gratitude to Molly, our intrepid producer at the Corps.

I’ll be posting some photos up here as I glean them from other sites (I didn’t bring my camera, since pre-show emails seemed to suggest the CBC was beset by a clan of thieves). Stay tuned.

Photo: I love a good trophy hoist. By

Blogger Accounts:

[UPDATE] Nunc Scio is quoted on the TTN Blog.


Photos: Nunc Scio with the prize, by Karen Whaley. Trophy Hoist by

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  3. beltzner

    Way to go, team. The smack was definitely laid, although one might suggest that the questions leaned towards your peer group’s predilections. One wonders, though: for someone featured so prominently on the CBC’s webpage, why were you seated so far at the back?

    Did you say something a little too forward to your captain? Or to AmberMac? Or to Tricia?

  4. graeme

    I assume it was because my shiny head plays havoc with the camera white balance.

    I think they were stacking the front row with the ‘hip’ and ‘ethno-culturally diverse’ crowd.

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  7. Joshua

    Bee bee bee bee bee bee bee bee……

    ps – I had to spell “gatekeeper dining” in order to post this which just sounds weird and a little frightening.

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