Nunc Scio Goes Live - May 16, 2007

Welcome to the new Nunc Scio. The name of this new blog, like the old one, comes from the Roman poet Virgil: nunc scio quid sit amor. Or, ‘now I know what love is’. I stole the first part, because knowing is what this blog is all about.

Today, as a new Nunc Scio takes its tentative steps into the digital world, it’s only appropriate I steal from Virgil again: audacibus annue coeptis. Or, ‘look with favour upon a bold beginning’.

And here it is.

Like the old Nunc Scio, this blog will look at politics, media and culture. But this time around, the posts will be in four categories:

The Weekly Column: every week, Nunc Scio will feature a long-form musing on a person, event, thing or idea.

Harbingers of the Apocalypse: ever look at a person or event and think, ‘we’re doomed’? You’re not alone. Whether it’s neo-Nazi teenie-bopper popstars or the collapsing ice shelves, this category collects everything from the mildly unsettling to the downright terrifying.

War on Idiocy: the future of the human race is threatened by the criminally stupid. In this section, Nunc Scio does its part to flag the world’s most dangerous morons.

Green Bin: George Orwell loved ‘scraps of useless information’. So does Nunc Scio. Get your daily dose of random non-sequiturs in the bin.

Nunc Scio will grow and develop over the coming weeks. Come back often and see what I’ve dredged out of the dark corners of the Internet.

Crucial thanks—first and foremost, to my intrepid designer Robin Senior. He makes me look good. Thanks also to all the folks I’ve been harassing on Facebook for the past two weeks about the new blog. Finally, thanks to you for dropping by.

Please feel free to leave a comment. Or, email me at If, like me, you’ve sold your soul to the foul demon named Facebook, you can also join the official Nunc Scio group.

Above all, enjoy your visit.