Cyberwar in Estonia?

The Guardian reports the small Baltic nation of Estonia is suffering from sustained cyber-attacks against banks, media, government ministries, and the Estonian parliament. The three-week wave of attacks have been so severe, that NATO experts have been dispatched to strengthen the former Soviet Republic's digital defenses. The Guardian is also not-so-subtly reporting that Russia and Estonia are in the midst of their worst diplomatic crisis since Estonia declared independence in 1991. The dispute erupted after Estonia removed a Soviet war memorial from their capital city, Talinn.

Coincidence? Maybe. NATO officials are being very careful not to accuse Russia directly of instigating the attacks. But if Russia is behind this digital assault, it would be the first known case of one state targeting another through cyber-warfare.

Think of the implications- entire economies and political systems could be paralyzed from the comfort of an aggressor state's living room. And if Estonia falls, can Nunc Scio be far behind?

An artist’s conception of cyberwar. My money is on Neo. Uh, I mean Estonia.