Audi punks Toronto

Hat-tip to Boing Boing for this one. Seems car manufacturer Audi tried to pull a fast one on the fair citizens of Toronto. And they did it the most convoluted way possible:

The automaker from Ingolstadt applied for a permit from the Film and Television Office of Toronto to shoot a commercial that would allow it to place double "T" statues that measure six feet high and fifteen feet long all over the city for a period of three days. A press release issued by Audi, however, confirms that no commercial would be shot, but rather that the statues are meant to act as billboards advertising the new Audi TT. The placement of the statues as advertisements, though, violates the city's signage laws.

Genius. It reminds me of that scene in Austin Powers where Scott Evil urges his father to shoot Austin rather than kill him in "an easily escapable situation involving an overly-elaborate, exotic death". I mean, if Audi wanted to put up illegal signs, they should have just gone for it. While lacking the evil genius quality of their faux-commercial plan, the simpler alternative would have saved them a lot of money.

The offending statues