McDonald's not lovin' it, launches petition

maccas-logo-bevelled-golden-arches2_nuncscio.jpg McDonalds is launching a petition campaign to change the dictionary definition of 'McJob'.

The Oxford Dictionary currently defines 'McJob' as "an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects"

McDonald's claims this definition is 'out-of-date' and 'insulting to its employees'.

I, for one, would have to agree. I've lost track of the friends, families and even casual acquaintances that have built immense personal fortunes slinging Big Macs. Certainly, moving fries from the fryer to the giant cooling rack, or putting ketchup on a quarter pounder with a giant condiment gun are highly rewarding forms of personal expression. Karl Marx, eat your heart out. But not too much...that stuff is poison.

Is the world ready for a new definition of 'McJob'? Think of the economic consequences. If working at McDonalds becomes spiritually rewarding and with profound opportunities for advancement, then Bay Street will empty. Hordes of lawyers and investment bankers will don the gleaming blues of a McDonald's uniform, leaving thousands of pimply, awkward teenagers out of work. Where will they get their money? How will they buy their iPods and pay for their mobile phones? Without the money earned by youth slaving over hot grills, how will Justin Timberlake bring sexy back?

Think of the children, McDonald's. Think of the children, and the industries that depend on them.