Big Trouble for Big Brother

I don't like Big Brother. If I want to watch a bunch of people behaving badly, I'll go hang out with the drunks in my alley.  And it's so boring. To an outside observer, my life would appear incredibly dull, with occasional nudity. I accept this as a condition of my existence.

To the producers of Big Brother, the inanity of human activity is a never-ending wellspring of inspiration. Moreover, their talent at scraping the bottom of the social barrel is epic. This show elevates people of no consequence  to the level of celebrity. The louder/cruder/nakeder/drunker/stupider you are, the better you'll do. Anyone who has lived in England and coped with the baffling popularity of Jade Goody will know what I mean.

Imagine my satisfaction this week as the Australian and UK versions of the show began to crumble under their own ponderous idiocy:

  • An Australian contestant has not been informed that her father passed away a week ago. Apparently it was his dying wish that she not be told until she either won or was evicted from the house. Either way, that's going to be an awesome good time for this poor girl.
  • In 2006, Australian BB was nearly cancelled for broadcasting a sexual assault on its streaming internet feed. Truly, mankind at its finest.
  • Ofcom, the UK's communication regulator, recently released a scathing report criticizing BB's broadcaster, Channel 4, for mishandling racist bullying on the 2006 incarnation of the show. The bullying was led by the aforementioned Jade Goody. The lesson? You're responsible for the idiots you put on TV.

I hope the entire BB experiment fades into obscurity, taking its trail of ignorance, tawdry voyeurism, racism and sexual violence with it. We deserve better.