Flat Earth Society builds $27 million monument to own ignorance

Yes, the flight from fact and reason takes another giant leap forward on May 28, when the Creation Museum opens in Petersburg, Kentucky. The museum, created by the Answers in Genesis Ministry features Adam and Eve cavorting with dinosaurs, and a special 'deluge simulator' theatre. Basically, the museum mashes the selective invocation of scientific principles with the Bible's creation story.

Were it not for the trapezoidal intellectual exercise of holding two contradictory ideas in mind required by the Creation Museum, it sounds like a pretty fun place. I mean, I've always wondered if dinosaurs were on the Ark. And, despite the fact that giant carnivorous thunder lizards would seriously complicate a 40 day voyage, it turns out they were! The builders of modern super-tankers and aircraft carriers could take a page out of Noah's book. He somehow managed to build a ship- out of wood- that could accomodate all 1.5 million named species, plus the 700 dinos we've managed to discover. That's 3 million animals in one boat, many of which actively considering eating the others. Throw dinosaurs into the mix, and that's a spicy meatball. Have you seen Jurassic Park? Man, stay away from the velociraptor deck.

Thanks to Ms. Barlow for passing this along.