Chavez flexes his fascist muscle

You know, I want to like Hugo Chavez, I really do. He's a populist, he appears to fight for his people, he's a snappy dresser. He makes fun of George Bush, and provokes televangelists into calling for his assasination. Generally, Chavez is the go-to guy for entertaining latin american politics.

And then he does something like this. I know opposition media can be irritating, but when you shut them down, it just gives fodder to your enemies.

Hence my general unease with leftist populist dictators. Castro has done much for Cuba, including the creation of a health care and education system envied by many. And its not easy to stick to the army fatigue look, especially when it's so hot out. But then he goes and puts journalists in jail. I can understand where he's coming from. Mossadegh refused to censor the press in Iran, and look what happened to him.

Democracy isn't easy, and it's easily manipulated by your enemies. But to remain democratic in the face of external and internal threats- as Castro failed to do- is the greatest victory a nation can achieve. So c'mon Chavez...let RTV have its license back. State TV is boring anyway.