Law & Order actor to run for president?

District Attorney Arthur Branch...uh, I mean Fred Thompson has formed one of those mythical exploratory committee on a possible presidential bid. Which means he will almost certainly run, since I can't remember an exploratory committee that ever said, "sorry boss, you suck." Did you know Thompson was a Senator before turning to acting? Wacky. Law & Order must not be paying very well these days.

If Thompson gets the nod, I hope he chooses Sam Waterston as his VP. I would love to see their grim eyebrow-raising and scenery-chewing during foreign policy briefings.

UPDATE: Thompson isn't the only one throwing his hat into the ring. Michael Moriarty, aka 'the first guy', plans to enter the race as a third-party candidate. Thompson may have the distinction of being a current member of the L&O cast, but Moriarty seems to have the disenfranchised lunatic vote pretty much locked up. Thanks to RS for this one.