New Nessie footage?

Cryptomundo is reporting on some new footage of something big, dark, and moving against the wind in Loch Ness. View the video here. Due to the orientation and nature of the lake- long and skinny- Loch Ness can develop a current that runs counter to the wind. Often, semi-submerged logs can be seen moving against the breeze, just below the surface. That could be what's going on here. However, the object does appear to be moving rather quickly. This could be because of an optical illusion generated by the wave action. Or, it could actually be a living animal. Even so, it's probably a known species, such as a sturgeon or porpoise that has travelled up the River Ness from the ocean. Loch Ness simply doesn't have enough fish to support a large predator.

But you never know...

BigCityLib is also blogging on this. Or if you like, you can check out my CBC radio doc on Nessie.