I love watching things get mouldy and/or delicious

Paint drying, water boiling....and now, cheese aging. Yes, the pantheon of incredibly boring things you can do with your eyes gains a member with a website that actually allows you watch a block of cheddar cheese age. If you look closely, you can actually see the bacteria re-arranging the protein structure of the milk. If you have some sort of freaky microscope eyes, of course.

For the impatient out there, you can always watch a time-lapse video. In my opinion, this version loses all the charm. The charm of watching cheese do what it does best- get older.

All of this seems vaguely ridiculous, except for one thing- the site has received 1.38 million hits.

In unrelated news, I will be launching a new site where visitors can watch me age as I sit motionless in front of my webcam. Donations welcome.