'Nessie' footage stabilized

The techies have had their way with the alleged new footage of Nessie, and have produced a series of 'stabilized' animated stills.

Commentators on the altered images seem to think they are a revelation. One, going by the name 'Morgoth' (and thereby immediately loses credibility for his apparent knowledge of Silmarillion-era Tolkien), says he sees:

1) Small head on extended neck

2) Massive dark body under the waves

3) Hints of flippers moving to propel body

4) Forward motion slows when head pops up

5) Natural swimming motion where the body curls under then head pops up

All I see is a misshapen blob moving through the water. The big problem with this footage is that there aren't any reference points. No way to gauge size, and no way to gauge speed.

One less fanciful commentator suggests the footage is actually of two animals...perhaps otters or seals engaged in mating behaviour. This footage is getting a lot of play, but it's pretty thin on proof.