Nessie videographer: a few bricks short

Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo is reporting that Gordon T. Holmes, progenitor of the latest Nessie footage is a Among his numerous oddities, Mr. Holmes claims to have filmed fairies and that he suffers from a "sort of medical condition…for visualising a sort of frame from a Dream whilst being conscious".

Uh huh. Coleman makes a good point in his post:

As I’ve mentioned before in print and in interviews, a videotape or photograph of a cryptid should never be analyzed without regard to looking into the background of the person that took the image or images.

With that in mind, the new Nessie footage seems particularly problematic, especially considering that the size and speed of the object in the film cannot be reliably determined. I'm thinking Holmes saw one or several know species, and saw what he wanted to see.