Eckler's histrionic disorder reaches new and dizzying heights

Rebecaa Eckler, who really wants you to know about her life with a baby, is suing Judd Apatow and Universal Studios for ripping off her book Knocked Up with the movie, Knocked Up. OK, I'll admit. They appear to have the same title. They also seem to share a similar premise: a one-night stand leads to pregnancy and all sorts of charming life-altering/coming-of-age navel gazing. I'm sure that's never happened to say, hundreds of women in North America.

But here's where the terminally unique Eckler's claim falls apart:

"But what got me was the fact that 'Alison' was an up-and-coming television reporter; in my book, I was an up-and-coming newspaper reporter."

So far as I've read, Eckler was never an up-and-coming newspaper reporter. Literate narcicissist, maybe.