Full moon = big trouble in Brighton

dscn8205b600×600d1_nuncscio.jpg Sussex police are planning to put more police on the street during full moons. Without any evidence to support the link, police have a hunch that a full moon makes people more violent, nothwithstanding their prodigious intake of alcohol:

What [Inspector Andy Parr] noticed - and it's not scientific research by any stretch of the imagination - is that sometimes you can have a weekend where it's reasonably quiet and other weekends where there just seems to be something in the air. ... People seem a bit more hell-bent on starting an argument. So [Parr] did a very basic correlation over the past year between where the full moons fell and whether there was any increase in aggressive behaviour on the weekend closest to the full moon. Out of the last 12 full moons, 10 have shown a marked increase in incidents the police have had to deal with.

'Not scientific research by any stretch of the imagination'. Nice to see we're still making public policy decisions based on conjecture and heresay. After all, those are kinds of evidence. In their defense, Sussex police are now looking for a PhD student to do some research on this phenomenon, in a vain attempt to validate their policing-by-superstition approach to law enforcement.

Perhaps I am being too hard on these officers...after all, 'luna', latin for 'moon', is the root of 'lunatic'. Seems like Brighton is full of them on both sides of the law.