Chinese editors fired over Tiananmen Square ad

The three editors failed to censor an online ad in the Chengdu Evening News paying tribute to the mothers of protesters killed during the Tiananmen Square massacre. Said the message:

Saluting the strong mothers of victims of 64.

'64'- or June 4- is the most commonly used name for the massacre within China. Discussing the massacre is taboo in the still-ostensibly communist country, and the government has quashed all public discussion on the events of June 4, 1989.

Just is case you were wondering, this is the nation-state equivalent of a grown man holding his hand over his ears, closing his eyes and yelling, "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU". Just is case you were wondering.

Ironically, this info blackout led to the publication of the offending classified. The young clerk who processed the ad apparently did not understand the reference, and failed to flag it. And since the Internet is smarter than the average dictator, the ad was scanned and reproduced in dozens of locations once it was released.


Interesting. As China continues to liberalize, how long can the powers-that-be avoid a public reckoning on Tiananmen Square?