Hell hath no fury like a rock star scorned

Poor Bono. He just can't get any face time at the G8 Summit. Well, not with Harper anyway. The PM declined to meet the U2 singer, saying it wasn't his 'schtick' and that he 'was too busy to discuss the African Aids crisis' with him.

And fair enough. I have nothing but praise for Bono's anti-poverty/anti-AIDS activism, but he's- surprise!- not the leader of a G8 country. So perhaps he isn't the number one priority at a G8 conference.

Still, this can only be embarrassing for Harper in the long run. If there's one thing Bono, and his partner-in-public-shaming Bob Geldof, know, it's how to work the media. Harper won't be getting out of this one unscathed- especially since Angela Merkel and George W. Bush met with Bono on Wednesday. Geez, Steve. You know you've missed the bus when Dubya is the one meeting with rock stars. Aren't we supposed to be the 'cool' North American power?

In fact, the Bono and Geldof dedicated the Beatles' song, Carry That Weight, at an concert in Rostock. Earlier plans to cover Mean Mr. Mustard for Steve were apparently abandoned as "a bit on the nose".