Peter MacKay: a man blissfully free of logic and integrity

You can't tell by reading this, but my head just exploded. Peter MacKay is attempting to justify his party's expulsion of veteran MP Bill Casey- and his giant lie about never turfing dissident MPs out of caucus- by claiming he "never believed" Casey would actually vote against the government on a money bill.

To wit: if you're a Tory MP, you have total freedom to speak and act your conscience, provided you're not dumb enough to actually try exercise that freedom.

Mondo Orwellian. I think there's also a Clash tune about this. I'm amazed MacKay's skull hasn't collapsed due to the powerful vacuum developing between his ears. Hat tip to Apply Liberally for the link.

Another fun MacKay story (and this is second hand, mind you): a friend of mine saw Pete walking with a buxsome blonde (not Belinda) on Bloor Street a few months ago. When they got to the Calvin Klein underwear store, with scantily clad mannequins in the window, MacKay started to point at his female companion, bark like a dog, and clap his hands. Ladies and Gentlemen, your Deputy Prime Minister.