Flag fracas in Los Angeles

Man, we Canadians are a controversial lot...but only in America. The Toronto Star reports today on a little dust-up at Dodgers stadium. A Canadian ex-pat, Lee Fraser, brought his flag to the Jays/Dodgers game on Saturday night. When he tried to display it (after the Dodgers left three runs stranded on the field) a security guard tried to confiscate his beloved maple leaf!

Ok, Ok. Banners and flags are strictly verboten by Dodgers Stadium. So Fraser was technically in the wrong. And what are Canadians all about, if not a near reverential regard for the rules?

Still, highly entertaining that the attempted confiscation led to a near-riot among the 100 or so Canadians in the crowd. One couple was even ejected from the game. 

But here's the drop-dead, number one awesome reason why this demi-brawl is so interesting: it involved everyone's favorite fictional principal, Mr. Raditch. Yes, that's right. Dan Woods, the actor who portrayed the Degrassi principle was there, sticking up for his homeland. Said Woods:

"It was totally insane. I could not believe what I was seeing. Over a flag!"

Now, just picture him saying that to Joey Jeremiah. In fact, throw in Snake and Wheels, and you've got a pretty exciting evening at the ball park.