Google goes cookie busting

Google, almighty lord of the Internet, has yielded to privacy concerns and rolled out new cookies that erase themselves after 2 years, rather than 30. Thirty years? Who has a computer that lasts that long? Cookies are little programs that remember things like your password, preferences and online behaviours.

Google made the move to diffuse criticism that they are evil. And trying to colonize our brains. Said Peter Fleischer, Google's global privacy counsel:

"After listening to feedback from our users and from privacy advocates, we've concluded that it would be a good thing for privacy to significantly shorten the lifetime of our cookies. These steps are part of our ongoing plan to continue innovating in the area of privacy to protect our users."

I remain unconvinced. In fact, I'm launching a global anit-Google campaign. Vive la revolution! If you'd like more info email me at my Gmail account. Or, if you'd like to meet in person, I'll send you a Google map.