Marianne Pearl sues Al Qaeda, Bank

The journalist, wife of slain Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl, is taking Al Qaeda, other radical groups and Pakistan-based Habib Bank Ltd to court over the 2002 abduction, torture and murder of her husband. From the statement of claim:

"Plaintiffs seek to hold responsible those terrorists, terrorist organizations and the supporting charitable and banking organizations for the senseless kidnapping, torture and murder of Daniel Pearl."

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of money, or 'whatever the court deems appropriate' to prevent the defendants from committing a similar act.

An incredibly brave woman, to be sure. My guess is Al Qaeda won't be showing up in court, what with the constant threat of airstrikes. But it would be extremely interesting if they nailed Habib Bank - one of Pakistan's largest - with supporting terror. A precedent setting case that could have poorly-behaved Middle Eastern bankers squirming. Thanks to CS for the link.