Queen guitarist submits PhD

Congratulations are in order for Brian May for submitting his astronomy PhD thesis, 36 years after he left academia for the admittedly more glamorous career of a glam rocker. Full points for following through. Said May: "It's been the longest gap year ever. It was a tough decision back then to leave my studies for music."

May's work has an astronomist has received rave reviews, although sales of his thesis are not expected to top the blockbuster success of Queen's 1975 masterpiece A Night at the Opera. Said astrophysicist Dr Garik Israelian:

"I have no doubt that Brian May would have had a brilliant career in science had he completed his PhD in 1971. Nevertheless, as a fan of Queen, I am glad that he left science temporarily."

May will defend his thesis on August 23.

In unrelated news, Britney Spears has abandoned plans to pursue a doctorate in abnormal psychology, although apparently not for lack of relevant and easily accessible research material.

UPDATE (23/08/07): He passed! The newly minted Dr. May will receive his degree next spring.