Web gains cred

A new study by the Association of Online Publishers has found that the majority of consumers now find online sources of news and information at least as trustworthy as print formats. The survey found that 81 per cent of newspaper readers and 74 per cent of magazine readers view the internet as an equally valid source of information. Respondents also felt the internet was a faster way to locate information.

Interestingly, consumers felt he brand was more important than the medium. That is, while more folks may turn to the web for news, they'll opt for the NYT over 'whatmycatthinksaboutiraq.blogspot.com'.

The upshot for bloggers is that you can probably take some smug self-satisfaction in your increasing social clout, but you should probably keep linking to the MSM.

UPDATE: As if on cue, the NY Post is reporting that the NYT may soon end its TimesSelect paywall that restricts access to op-eds and 'deep content' to paying customers. And there was much rejoicing.