Dick Cheney got it right...in 1994

Gobsmacking 1994 video of VP Dick Cheney (fresh off his stint as Secretary of Defense for Bush the Elder) where he explains - quite lucidly - why it would be a tragic mistake for the USA to invade Iraq.

He makes several extremely salient and visionary points:

  1. No one would support a US invasion, least of all important Arab allies. This would make it an unpopular American occupation;
  2. In the absence of a strong central government, Iraq would essentially go to pieces, splintering along religious and ethnic lines; and
  3. It would, to use his word, become a quagmire.

Brilliant analysis. A shame 1994 Cheney was apparently kidnapped by aliens and forced to work in some far-distant galactic salt mine, and replaced by 2003 Cheney who, although meaner, lacked his predecessor's grasp of history and political reality.

Damn aliens.