Who's editing Wikipedia?

Ever wonder why some Wikipedia entries read like press releases or alternatively savage their subjects like a Maori war party? Well, now can you peer into the unseemly world of Wiki-edits. A new website created by a CalTech grad student allows users to track who is making changes to a particular post. Wikipedia tracks anonymous edits by IP, and the CalTech site cross references this data with publicly available IP listings.

News of this site has been circulating in the blogosphere for a few days, leading to some interesting results. Over at Boing Boing, they've discovered that someone at Disney removed Cory Doctorow from the DRM entry. Other malfeasance includes some heavy-handed revisions to controversial voting machine manufacturer/Bush booster Diebold:

Voting-machine company Diebold provides a good example of the latter, with someone at the company's IP address apparently deleting long paragraphs detailing the security industry's concerns over the integrity of their voting machines, and information about the company's CEO's fund-raising for President George Bush. 

An interesting step in the evolution of Wikipedia- this new tool will help address lingering accuracy concerns by injecting a much needed dose of transparency into an important site.