Report: 'Official' websites leak more secrets than milbloggers

A report obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation shows that military websites leak more information than the blogs of regular soldiers, making the Pentagon's moves to censor milblogs look pretty darn stupid. The report, produced by the Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, found at least 1,813 violations of operational security policy on 878 official military websites (that's about 2 violations per website) as opposed to only 28 breaches on 594 milblogs (about 0.05 violations per blog). So, there were about 40 times more violations on 'controlled' sites than on blogs.

Pretty explosive stuff. With such a low level of operational breaches occuring on private blogs, it begs the question: why does the Pentagon hate milblogs so much? Could it be that the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the average soldier don't jive with the PR efforts of the American Military? Worth thinking about.  

H/T to Danger Room and Boing Boing for this story.