Monster Hacked: Job-Seekers now unemployed and vulnerable to identity theft

monster-logo-with-tagline_nuncscio.jpg Online jobsearch site Monster is the latest victim of online data thieves, according to Internet security firm Symantec.

Using stolen user data, a Trojan was unleashed on Monster, potentially harvesting the email addresses, phone numbers and other personal data of Monster users. Look out Monster-ers: you have a busload of phishing and spam email coming your way.

Monster has so far not acknowledged the attack, or made any comment on the data theft. The reasons for their silence are not clear, although Nunc Scio speculates it has something to do with 'deep embarassment'.

It is also not clear who hacked Monster. I'm guessing it was either some unscrupulous criminal element, or some unscrupulous corporation engaging in 'slash-and-burn' recruitment. They're gonna hire everybody, and sort it out later.

Anyway, the upshot is that if you're on Monster, someone has your info. Be vigilant with your inbox.

UPDATE (23/08/07): Reports are coming in of dozens of users getting spearphished using data stolen from Monster. The malignant emails are distributing a powerful Trojan that encrypts files and demands a ransom for their release.