The scourge of Bacn

A new meme has crawled out of the cyber-muck and emerged, blinking and wide-eyed, into web parlance: Bacn. It's not spam, nor is it personal email. It's that email message- like a Facebook notification or a news alert on something thoroughly uninteresting- requiring some of your time, but that you can't be bothered with immediately. It sucks time, and makes you fear your inbox. So what do you do about bacn? I have no idea- it seems to be an intractable part of wired life. But never fear. The blogosphere is working hard to solve this problem, and you can help. Check out the bacn forum here.

My current ad hoc response is to route all bacn into an archive folder, and have it skip the inbox altogether. A bit problematic, as I sometimes miss some interesting stuff. Like when Bad Religion guitarist/songwriter and Epitaph Records owner Brett Gurewitz accepted my Facebook friend request. I had a small apoplexy when I (eventually) found out about that. So, in short, my method isn't great.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to fry up some bacn. And then some bacon. 'Cuz I'm hungry.