Happy Birthday, Nessie

Well, it's not really Nessie's birthday. I mean, no one has any idea a) when Nessie was born, b) if there has been more than one Nessie, c) if there is currently more than one Nessie, or d) if Nessie even exists. Nevertheless, today marks the 1,442 anniversary of the first written account of the Loch Ness Monster. Way back on August 22, 565 AD, St. Columba took a break from converting Scotland to Christianity to spot something unusual in the water. In fact, some accounts even claim the good saint saved a swimmer from being devoured by Nessie. Of course, this particular version was written by the Abbott of Iona some 500 years after the alleged incident. So, perhaps a grain of salt is in order.

So, today is really the birthday of the Nessie legend. Truly, the elder statesman of the cryptid world.