DeLorean attempts comeback; flux capacitors not included

627795.jpg  The mighty DeLorean, the stainless steel eyesore and star of the Back to The Future movies, is set to hit production again after a 25 year hiatus.  

Armed with a warehouse full of surplus DeLorean DMC-12 parts, mechanic Stephen Wynne plans to bring back the iconic 1980s sportscar. Wynne has spent the last 25 years servicing the 9,000 some-odd DeLoreans still on the road, and thinks there's a market for 'new' DMC-12s:

"We have a great brand because of all the exposure we have had over the past 20 years from the movie. There isn't a time of day that Back to the Future isn't playing somewhere in the world."

Wynne added:

"I knew 10 years ago I wanted to do this, but I couldn't go around saying so, because people would have thought I was a nutcase."

Go figure. To be fair, the original DeLorean never got its chance. A scant three years after DMC began producing the vehicles, the company went bust. Oh, and the original designer, John DeLorean, was arrested for conspiring to sell $24 million worth of cocaine to fund his company. Apparently, the stainless steel beasts he was foisting upon the world weren't as popular as he hoped.

I, for one, applaud Stephen Wynne for his entrepreneurship. But I'm putting him on notice: if it doesn't run on plutonium and travel back to 1955, I ain't buying.