War on Idiocy roundup: the floodgates have opened

I opened Google Reader this morning and my head almost exploded. So...much...stupidity. So instead of spending my long weekend blogging about all of it, here are the highlights:

  •  Canada plays lead role in undermining the Kyoto Accord. Stephen Harper plays lead role in making Canada an international douchebag.
  • Former UK top soldier criticizes America's plan in Iraq as 'intellectually bankrupt' in his new book. No surprises there. Also, he thinks Rumsfeld is an idiot. I've never seen a biography get scooped by history before.
  • Bush tries to bail America out of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, a fiasco his dumb-ass government helped to create. Bring on the global recession!
  • Around 13 per cent of Americans lived in poverty last year. But don't worry. The American government is busy spending $720 million a day on the war in Iraq.

In short: we are at the mercy of imbeciles. Happy Saturday.