Apple: the company with a heart of gold

mn_macworld_caps104.jpg  There are times where I think I would like to build a full-sized equestrian statue of Steve Jobs.

The Apple CEO responded to concerns over the slashed iPhone prices in an open letter:

"...even though we are making the right decision to lower the price of iPhone, and even though the technology road is bumpy, we need to do a better job taking care of our early iPhone customers as we aggressively go after new ones with a lower price. Our early customers trusted us, and we must live up to that trust with our actions in moments like these.

Therefore, we have decided to offer every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. Details are still being worked out and will be posted on Apple's website next week. Stay tuned.

We want to do the right thing for our valued iPhone customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you, and we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations of Apple."

A class move. I'm well acquained with the general awesomeness of Apple. While living in London last year, I had my G4 Powerbook stolen just before I began exam/dissertation craziness. Once I stopped cursing the heavens, I immediately went out an bought an iBook. Two and a half weeks later, Apple rolled out the Macbook, leaving me with an outdated machine that I referred to simply as my '$1,500 paperweight'. When I raised this issue with my local Apple Store, they offered to exchange my iBook for a shiny new Macbook. Straight Up. They didn't even charge me an open-box fee. With that one gesture, Apple bought my loyalty for life. In marketing, I believe this is what's known as the 'beautiful corporation' concept.

Anyways, this is a long way of saying that Apple rocks. A lot.