Architects unveil world's first private spaceport

British architects Foster + Partners has won the contract to build the new terminal for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceline in the Mojave Desert. The firm beat out 11 competitors with their design for 'Spaceport America'. Space tourists with piles of disposable income- something around $200,000- will use the new structure as their jumping off point for a trip into sub-orbital space. That's about 70 miles above the earth's surface. Brief weightlessness (take that, McGriddle!) and panoramic astronaut-only views are included in the hefty ticket price.

The Guardian says the spaceport looks like a "cross between a stealth bomber and the batmobile".


Now, I try to be open minded about modern design. But to me, and this is just me talking, it looks like two things. First, a kind of toilet seat of the future. Second...well, let's just say it looks like something I'd rather not mention in case elderly relatives are reading this post.

Oh well. They never said the future was going to be pretty.