Mulroney: you want some cheese with that whine?

For a few moments there, it looked like Brian Mulroney might do it. He seemed poised to shake off the shackles of being one of the most reviled PMs in Canadian History, a RCMP investigation, and inflicting Ben Mulroney upon the decent, hard-working people of our great nation, becoming something resembling an elder statesman in the process. And then he starts slagging on a dead guy. Weak, Brian. Very, very weak.  Also funny to watch his successors distance themselves from this odd outburst. Stephen Harper won't touch the Mulroney-Trudeau throwdown with a ten-foot pole.

What was he thinking? Where's the benefit? Trudeau's legacy ceased to be a political issue four elections ago, so there's political gain in attacking his student activism during WWII. Was Trudeau wrong in protesting the war? In retrospect, yes. But does that erode his moral authority? I can't imagine how, particularly since the second world war had been won fairly decisively by the Allies despite the subversion of a young Trudeau. I mean, if he had joined the Gestapo and murdered Winston Churchill, fine. But seriously Brian, what are you trying to prove?

The only explanation I can think of is that Mulroney is still miffed that Trudeau is revered by large segments of the Canadian population, while his legacy is, at best, 'that big-chinned guy who introduced the GST and jumped off his own ship before it went down hard'. He can't seem to grasp why, love him or hate him, Trudeau is a central figure in Canadian history, and Mulroney is a mere footnote. Kind of sad, really.

Yet, Mulroney may still eke out a legacy as the most impudent and crotchety former PM in history, willing to take on any foe- even a corpse- to ensure his place in the sun. Hell, at least he's more entertaining than his son.