Swiss elections: now with 100 per cent more racism

Europe has a problem. A nasty, far-right nationalistic problem. The UK has the BNP, Austria has the Freedom Party, and Switzerland has The Swiss People's Party. And the SPP just came up with this:


Yep, it's a bunch of white sheep kicking a black sheep out of the country, accompanied by the slogan "For More Security". The SPP contends that 'foreigners' commit more crime than Swiss citizens, and should be deported. Also, the SPP are %$%@#&* idiots.

Anti-racism groups point to the symbolism and use of colour in the posters as eerily reminiscent of Nazi propaganda.  I guess if you're going to be a racist xenophobic douchebag, you might as well learn from the best.

Europe- particularly Northern and Western Europe- needs to come to terms with the hate in their midst. I don't know why these parties are as successful as they are, or why they continue to have electoral success. And thanks to widespread freedom of speech (and at times like this, I support this basic right from behind clenched teeth), we'll have to listen to their braying. To shut them up, the economic and social roots of ultra-right politics need to be addressed. The alternative is more garbage, more hate, and maybe even violence.

H/T to RS for this one.