New study debunks 9/11 conspiracy theories

On an anniversary such as this, I thought it might be useful to highlight an University of Cambridge study that pulls the rug out from under 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Useful, because these folks muddy the waters surrounding 9/11, making it hard to both remember the victims of the terrorist atrocities and meaningfully negotiate ethical foreign policies in a world riven by religious, social and economic conflict. The report demonstrates that both the speed and style- the so-called 'pan-caking' reminiscent of a controlled demolition- of the WTC collapse were caused by the airliner collisions. Dr. Keith Seffen was able to calculate the 'residual capacity' of the twin towers, or their ability to resist the progressive collapse of falling floors. Turns out, the collapse of the building sections damaged by the aircraft impacts provided more than ample force to drive lower floors into one another in a savage chain reaction. No explosives, cruise missiles, or any other half-baked method required.

Oh, and those little horizontal jets of gas and debris? Not demolition squibs, as many have suggested, but debris accelerating through elevator shafts and impacting on lower floors, ahead of the primary collapse.

I'd like to add my own little rebuff the 9/11 truthers. Namely, have you seen how badly the Bush Administration has screwed up Iraq? Any suggestion that these dimwits could perpetrate, and then cover-up, a crime the size of 9/11 is preposterous.

9/11 was a montrous act and profound human tragedy facilitated in part by negligent intelligence and poor foresight. It was then cynically exploited to the advantage of a narrow and intellectually bankrupt agenda. It was not an 'inside job'. To suggest otherwise distracts from the urgent task or remembering the victims and preventing their memories from being used to foist more death and suffering upon the world.