TTC approves 15 cent rate hike: may also be stupid

Toronto continues its long slide into public transit ignominy in the wake of yet another TTC fare hike. The new cash price for a ride on our fair city's decrepit mass transit vehicles will be $2.90, and a one month metro pass should come in at around $103.75. Another brilliant move by the visionaries running the show. Nothing like filling a budget hole by leveraging funds off the middle- and working-class folks who rely on the TTC to get to work.

At least they didn't cut any services. Riders on the still-operational Sheppard line will still be able to enjoy their daily ride, relatively free of all those pesky poor people.

This is no way to run a city. Where are the leaders? Where is the money? I'm not paying taxes to live in a commuting nightmare. City Hall, show some intelligence. Provincial Government, take back your cynically downloaded social services. Stephen Harper, stop playing %#$^#& politics with your hickoid rural base and give us the money we deserve.

UPDATE [13/08/07]: The metropass is actually going up $9.25 to $110. Awesome.


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