YouTube removes, then returns, anti-creationist vids after bogus DMCA claims

The Rational Response Squad, an entertaining if somewhat shrill anti-creationist group, is reporting that their thread has been returned to YouTube after being yanked earlier in the week. The videos were pulled after the Creation Science Evangelism Ministries complained they violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Since the act requires immediate takedown of any copyright-questionable material, and shifts the burden of proof onto the defendant, idiots like the CSEM can use fraudulent DMCA claims to attack their opponents (see also: rational people).

And why are the claims false? Well, the Rational Response squad claims the videos "the clips comprise material that is either public domain, covered by fair use, or entirely self-produced". Fair enough. But here's the dinger: the CESM's own website says " "none of the materials ... are copyrighted, so feel free to copy these and distribute them freely." Oooh. Conniving creationists. Isn't there some biblical prohibition against lying?

But the really worrying thing is the RRS was banned outright from YouTube. Their only crime was to protest the unjustified takedown. Sketchy, YouTube.  Very Sketchy. You can't ban people for resisting a DMCA claim, especially since the only way to reverse a takedow is to protest it.

I'm usually pretty willing to tolerate creationists and their ilk. I mean, if you want to be willfully ignorant, that's your business. But patience starts to run out when they begin to foist their beliefs on others. And my patience disappears when they start abusing the law and lying to gain an upper hand on their opponents, who have the notable advantages of science and logic.

In related news, Sherri Shepherd, the new host of 'The View', also believes in creationism. And apparently thinks the world is flat.

The idiots are taking over.


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