Marcel Marceau - 1923-2007

marcelmarceau_05.jpg Marcel Marceau, the world's most famous mime, has died. He was 84.

Most people either role their eyes or recoil in horror when you say the word 'mime'. But Marceau was a brilliant innovator and artist, the so-called 'poet laureate of silence'. Throughout his career, he was France's biggest theatrical export.

A French Jew, Marceau survived the Holocaust.  It left an indelible mark on his performances:

"The people who came back from the camps, couldn't talk about it, they didn't know how to express it ... Maybe that has counted, subconsciously, in my choice of silence."

How to honor the memory of Marceau? Observing a moment of silence seems a bit trite, and somewhat obvious. Nevertheless, the world has lost a great artist, and he deserves every tribute offered over the coming days. Consider this my hat-tip, Mr. Marceau.