US Navy to camouflage swastika-shaped building

 swastikabuilding.jpg The US Navy announced plans today to mask the shape of a Coronado, California barracks complex that looks suspiciously like a swastika.

The Navy has budgeted up to $600,000 for new walkways,  special landscaping, and rooftop solar cells to obscure the buildings' unfortunate shape. Said Navy Spokesman Scott Sutherland:

"We don't want to be associated with something as symbolic and hateful as a swastika."

Good call. The nazi-esque shape of the buildings wasn't a problem in 1967 when they were built. However, in this magical age of Google Earth, the swastika shape is apparent to anyone with a computer. While no one is sure who first noticed the swastika-barracks, pressure has been mounting for the Navy to do something about the appearance of the Coronado complex since 2006.

Here's my question. It's 1967. World War II is barely two decades old. How did the architect not know? And how did his Navy supervisors not catch it? It's a 500 ft wide freakin' swastika. Unless the Navy doesn't use blueprints. Or have airplanes. Or pay attention to anything.