Burma: 1988 all over again

Reports are slowly leaking of Burma suggesting that a lot of people have died in the Junta's crackdown. The Burmese government originally reported that only nine people were killed in the violence. An uncomfirmed report in the UK's Daily Mail suggests thousands of pro-democracy activists- including non-violent Buddhist monks- may have been executed and dumped in the jungle. This new information allegedly comes from a former Burmese general, Hla Win, who defected after refusing to round up and execute a large group of monks. Said Hla Win:

“Many more people have been killed in recent days than you’ve heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand.”  

There are also stories emerging of monks being imprisoned, beaten, or simply 'disappeared'.

The world sat back in 1988 when the dictators ruling Burma killed thousands of students. While the reports coming out today are unconfirmed (and confirmation may be difficult, given that the Junta has blacked out the Internet), it seems pretty clear that Burma is on track for a repeat performance. The questions now is: will the world stand by again? Or will we hold the fascist murderers in Burma to account for their crimes?