Afghanistan sees most violent year since 2001

Nothing quite like selling out one nation to illegally invade another. The ninja-move of neo-liberal foreign policy. The UN is reporting that violence in Afghanistan is up 25 per cent over last year, rising to near 2001 'actual fighting' levels. MoJo blog has coined an apt word to describe this trend- Iraqization.


There were 525 security incidents — attacks by the Taliban and other violent groups, bombings, terrorism of other kinds, and abductions — on average every month during the first half of this year, up from an average of 425 incidents per month in 2006.

Also, there has been a decline in conventional attacks against NATO forces in favor of suicide attacks. Like the insurgents in Iraq, the Taliban has cottoned-on to the notion that directly confronting NATO forces- well-equipped and with overwhelming air support- is useless. So, they've gone the terror route. And unfortunately, well-equipped Western armies with overwhelming ari support are notoriously bad at confronting insurgent tactics.

No doubt, the deteriorating security situation also has to do with the USA's focus being elsewhere, notably the sinking, burning quagmire that is Iraq. This has left less well-equipped nations- like Canada- to shoulder the load. And we just can't, because we don't have the resources. So our soldiers keep dying, all for the lunatic whims of the Bush Administration.

I've made this point a very basic tenet of any sane foreign policy, you should not invade a new country until your ratio of countries destroyed to countries rebuilt is hovering somwhere around '1'.

fight a losing fight?