Dear Hitler...

What do you write to a homicidal psychopath madman hell-bent on world domination? Well, if you're a citizen of Germany, circa 1925 to 1945, you send him presents, you ask him to be the godfather of your children, and if you're unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of his lunatic whims, you plead for your life.

Hundreds of letters to Hitler have been discovered in Moscow, and are set to be published in a new book, 'Letters to Hitler'.  Hitler, of course, did not answer the letters personally. A special staff of four responded to the huge volume of mail sent to the German Fuhrer. Gifts, too. Palm trees, honey, and a violin covered with 245 ivory swastikas, for starters.

I'd be interested to see if any of the letters say something like:

Dear Adolph;

You suck.


A concerned German citizen

Because that's the letter they all should have been writing.