Mr. Men are coming back- fewer, leaner, and with new genders

Remember Mr. Men and Little Miss books? I do, vaguely- and I seem to remember you could get the little figurines as part of a Happy Meal. But that could just be a fuzzy holdover of the toy/food matrix that dominates the first eight years of the average North American's life. At any rate, the Mr. Men are coming back for 26 animated episodes. And they have a pretty swank new website. Of course, the transition to this brand new digital age has not been easy for the Mr. Men community. From the original 83 characters created by Roger Hargreaves in 1971, only 25 have survived the jump to the new millennium. Of these, a few have switched genders to 'maintain balance' among the characters. A few more have been altered according to the cruel dictates of political correctness. Mr. Lazy has been slimmed down considerably, presumably to prevent children from thinking obesity is funny. I'd argue that it's important to reinforce the link between sloth and chunkiness in the mind's of today's children, but I guess that's why I'm not a television executive.

Also, some characters remain disturbingly anachronistic. 'Mr. Tickle' might as well be called 'Mr. Impending Sexual Harassment Lawsuit'.

I always thought I was somewhere between 'Mr. Persnickety', 'Mr. Grumpy' and 'Mr. Worry'. Which pretty much means I should try and find a therapist.