Meet the new Captain Kirk

57574006.jpg  It's official- Chris Pine will play young Capatian Kirk in the upcoming, JJ Abrams-directed Star Trek flick.

You may remember Pine from such films as 'Just My Luck', co-starring Lindsey Lohan. Having never seen it, I can only assume it was terrible. Let's hope the new Trek outing is better.

Of course, with JJ Abrams (remember Felicity? I try not to) directing, and a former Lohan leading man attached to star, one does worry. The whole thing could easily go the way of a college drama, as predicted with eery clarity by the fine folks at Galacticast:


Hopefully, Eric Bana, Simon Pegg, and Leonard Nimoy can pull this thing off, saving it from Felicity-like depradations.

On an unrelated note: have you noticed that Nunc Scio has been especially geeky this week? Oh well. I am what I am.