Hate Church gets $11 million fine

The Westboro Baptist Church, led by uber-jackass Fred Phelps, has been hit with an $11 million fine for picketing the funeral of a dead marine. In a trapezoidally ridiculous twist of non-logic, the churh believes that dead soldiers are God's way of punishing America for permitting even the most basic human rights for gay people. And if you're really quiet, you can actually hear the sucking sound emanating from Phelps' skull. Many states already have laws banning the graveside protests, but Yesterday's judgement marks the first time that the Hate Church has been successfully sued. The church plans to appeal, and Sheila Phelps-Roper, Phelps' daughter, says the group will continue picketing military funerals with signs like: "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "God hates fags."

Provided the judgement stands, the $11 million dollar fine should at least bankrupt these disgusting blots on the face of humanity. From the New York Times:

The defense attorney said the assets of the church and the three defendants are less than a million dollars and the compensatory award is about three times the defendants' net worth, mainly in homes, cars and retirement accounts.

I hope this destroys the lives of Phelps and his ilk. There are some people who are so thoroughly vile, they deserve to suffer. See how many funerals you can picket when you can't even buy food.


The Westboro Baptist Church: even their troglodyte, inbred, six-toed frogspawn get in on the hate!