Remember, Remember the first of Movember

Do you like moustaches? Of course you do. They are the universally accepted symbol of good taste, intelligence and refinement. So, why not dedicate a whole month to them? Better yet, why not dedicate an entire month to them and raise money for important men's health-related charities? Enter Movember. The month-formerly-known-as-November is now a month-long festival dedicated to appreciated the great 'stache. As an added bonus, it also raises money for prostate cancer research. Every year, 22,300 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 4,300 die from the disease. If you are a man, know a man, or plan to one day meet a man, this is a important health issue.

The concept of Movember is simple: all month, guys grow their moustaches. People sponsor their moustaches. Cash is raised to support the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada. Everybody wins.

Nunc Scio is please to announce its support for Movember. I will personally be growing my soup-strainer out for this important cause. If you'd like to help me in my quest, please go here. If you'd like to donate, please enter my reference number- 83497- and enter your desired donation amount. Every little bit helps, and donations over $20 get a shiny tax receipt.

So please, help Nunc Scio help Movember help fight prostate cancer. I thank you for your time and attention. Also, please excuse my appropriation of the Guy Fawkes Day rhyme-thing. It is for a good cause, after all.