Ozzy Osbourne: The relucant crime fighter

You know him as the legendary frontman of Black Sabbath. You've heard about his legendary drug and alcohol abuse. And you've seen him mumble and curse his way through suburban child-rearing. But here's a side of Ozzy Osbourne you've never experienced before: crime-fighting super hero. Well, sort of.

Police in North Dakota organized a 'party' to coincide with Osbourne's Fargo concert. The guests? Thirty or so criminals who had been hiding from John Q. Law. They showed up expecting to meet the Dark Prince of Heavy Metal, and were prompty arrested. This provides two important insight's into North Dakota's criminal underground:

  1. They love Ozzy Osbourne.
  2. They are spectacularly stupid.

Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell Ozzy that his name was being used to entrap outlaw heavy metal fans. And he's a little miffed:

"Sheriff Laney should be apologising to me for using my name in connection with these arrests. It is insulting to me and to my audience and it shows how lazy this particular sheriff is when it comes to doing his job."

Oh, lighten up. You're a freakin' crime fighting legend now, Ozzy. You can add that to your list of honours.


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