Being a Judge in China just got a whole lot less fun

Gone are the days of heavily tatooed, head-shaved, make-up wearing judges in China. The country's highest judicial authority, the High Court in Henan, has just released a list of 55 regulations. Here's a sample:

  1. No frolicking with colleagues.
  2. No holding hands with colleagues.
  3. No tattoos.
  4. No heavy make-up.
  5. No painted nails.
  6. No jewels. 
  7. No long hair.
  8. No beards.
  9. No shaved heads.

If the High Court felt compelled to release these regulations, you've got to wonder: what was the courtroom experience like before these edicts? A sombre house of due process, or some crazy punk rock, drag queen love-in? I know which one I'd prefer.

 H/T to MN for this one.


This guy has no future as a Judge in China.