Kite, Atari and Raggedy Andy make it into the Toy Hall of Fame

The Strong National Museum of Play has announced its 2007 inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame - the kite, the Atari 2600, and the Raggedy Andy doll. Museum president, G. Rollie Adams, had this to say:

"They are outstanding toys that have engaged multiple generations over time, inspiring them to create, learn, discover."

This announcement raises a few points:

  1. There's a Museum of Play? Why am I only finding out about his now?
  2. The Museum president's name- G. Rollie Adams- sound eerily doll-like. Or conjures images of pink top-hat wearing toy impresario presiding over a magical museum filled with whimsy.
  3. Raggedy Andy's induction is clearly an afterthought. Raggedy Ann made it in in 2002...and I've got to think that more or less covered the whole 'mass-produced rag-doll' oeuvre.
  4. Why is the kite only being inducted now? People have been been playing with kites for like 2800 years. Shouldn't it have been, oh I don't know, first into the Hall of Fame?

On the upside, all you fellows out there who held onto your Atari 2600's just went from 'deluded man-child' to 'collector of fine Hall-of-Fame memorabilia' in one press release. The carpal tunnel syndrome you picked up playing space invaders now seems vaguely justified.


The Atari 2600: old school, sure. Just not Kite old school. We're talking before Jesus old school here.